5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Sipput takes you through the current shoe trends. So toes are round for this spring and summer but don’t let that put you off your faithful ‘pointies’ – a classic and long lasting look that will return shortly to give a reassuring sexy edge to trousers. And for those of you who have just located your dream womens wide calf high heel boots through our fantastic directory, we’re loving it, you’ll get plenty of wear out of them this summer right through into autumn, “for Ugg Converts, Sienna Miller, Jade Jagger and SJP are really making the most of theirs in the cold snap, so find out if you qualify for a free pair in any colour of your choosing, at the bottom of this page“.

That said, your tweed sling-back kitten-heel is not coming out to play this season, so if still in good nick, store it along with your tweed frock-coat under your bed.

Your choice of shoe this season will be a shortcut to effortless style just by wearing the new round-toes; you are displaying your ‘on trend’ antenna. And remember you don’t have to go all the way! It’s far easier to wear shoes that have all the catwalk embellishments, and keep your clothes reassuringly classic if you so please. Add the sparkle and colour to your feet.

So take stock of the existing shoes you have in your wardrobe and use this moment to edit them down. There’s nothing more unappealing than several pairs of unloved shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe. Whether they have turned in one or several seasons of good service, now is the time for a gracious retirement. If you can’t take them out and shoot them, let your more discerning friends help you. Donate, donate, and donate!.

I’m not advising a shoe buying habit bordering on full-blown footwear fetish. There are others more qualified than you or I who have already given over large areas of closet to this particular indulgence. But I am saying make way for variations on the following five styles as outlined below.

The Wedge Sole

The wedge soleBecause much of our clothing has a nostalgic flavour, it’s only natural that shoes would follow suit. Take the wedge, which has become popular once again. Our picture combines the trend of contrasting coloured upper with printed fabric wedge heel and small platform. Oh yes and the ubiquitous peep-toe. You get a lot of trend for your money here, but the point is to buy in a shoe like this to update your wardrobe for this spring and summer only. Then wear it with summer dresses or cropped jeans and trousers like mad, and be done with it come October.

I’ve seen a huge variety on this look from bright funky Malibu fabric-print wedges to cork wood and leather. Uppers are strappy, with appliqué flowers, bows, butterflies or bold bands of colour. Dr Martens even have their own version, but if you don’t fancy the wedge then the wooden mule is for you. Designer versions come from Lulu Guinness, but my favourite, with the chunky but shapely heel is from Scholl.

Round Toed Court Shoe

Round toed court shoeAnother shoe trend with retro elegance is the round-toed court shoe. Having made its debut in the collections of designers like Marc Jacobs to accompany the forties, knee- length skirts, it takes on another life when worn with jeans. Still crisp though when accessorising a flared or a-line skirt, heels can be as low or high as you please. There are also chunky more 70’s influenced versions from Pod, sporty versions from Camper and classic versions from Esprit.

Kickers Slouch Boots

Kickers Slouch bootsThe perfect and most comfortable accompaniment to your jeans or calf length, tiered, prairie skirt this summer. Use this style to give a casual look a fashionable finish if you like the hippyish overtones it gives off. For a smarter look pick up on the riding boot style and wear.

Round Toed Sandal

Round toed SandalThe easiest shoe to wear this season and the one that goes with everything from a-line skirt, cropped jean, summer dress and slinky jersey or satin evening ensemble is little missy although you’ll find a slightly different version in every shoe store in the land. First popularised by Gwen Stefani, no make that Ginger Rogers, way back when Fred Astaire was “the Justin Timberlake of the day”, these shoes will give you more support than last season’s sling backs on account of the strap at the ankle. Great for dancing, as La Rogers discovered for herself. Need more support then try the T-bar version.

Jewelled Toe Thong

Jewelled toe thongDespite there being a deluge of jewelled flip-flops on the catwalk and a whole host of high street versions, I’ve chosen a more voluminous version of this summer’s staple by naming the jewelled toe-post sandal as my last in the line up of footwear collectables.

Wear with a plain kaftan for the day but add bright toenails and a slinky satin dress in print or bold colours to create a gorgeous after dark high summer style.

For some, styles like this one from next.co.uk will take some getting used to, while you are waiting, keep a grip by hooking some matching or even contrasting ribbon through the band over the bridge of the foot and secure round the heel then criss-cross up the ankle for a Grecian and oh so cool variation.

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