What are Twitter CoTags?

Twitter’s 140 Character limitation inspires us to become more creative in our use of these characters in messaging. Jam packing as much information as possible into those 140chars often comes in the form of abbreveations, Shortened URL’s, and HashTags. But now we have a new means of squeezing more information into our messages in the form of a signature, with CoTags.

CoTags are a new convention for using signatures when tweeting from a brand account. It’s really simple—just the carat (^) character followed by the person’s initials, or other identifying set of characters.

The concept is like #hashtags. But while #hashtags provide a way to track tweets topically across many users, ^CoTags create a way to associate individual tweets within a shared brand account. And in the process, ^CoTags bring “humanness” to otherwise monolithic branded Twitter accounts.

While ^CoTags can exist by themselves, they’re much more useful if there is a legend that associates them to the information they represent. The question is where to put that legend. For now, the Twitter profile page is the most logical place. But the current limitations that page—only one URL, a 160-character bio, and a background image—pose a challenge.

Here is an example of CoTags both in action on MediaTemples Twitter Profile page as well as their legend:

mediatemple cotags

mediatemple cotags

While the majority of this information was taken directly from a CoTweet Blog post on their CoTags, I felt it was needed to help spread awareness of CoTags on Twitter.

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