Predicting the future: Corporations Add Shortening to the Mix

url shortening

url shortening

As I continue to hone my abilities of predicting the future, I’d like to submit another one for your amusement.

I see an interesting twist on URL shorteners becoming a direct part of corporate web strategies.

We first caught a glimpse of this on April 19th 2009 when a New York Times enthusiast created, a URL shortener aimed at The New York Times web site articles. Promptly there after, it was shut down.

Shortly there after, Tech Crunch launched its own Short URL:

Today, Amazon jumps into the game with their Short URL:

Amazon actually has a very unique opportunity in their short URL offering to the web community with their product ISBN Numbers. All you need to access a product on Amazon is + ISBN

Its time for companies to add URL shortening to their web strategy, now.

My corporate job reminds me, daily, that the reality of an average web strategy is no where near such an agenda – They’re still talking SEO/SEM/PPC/BLOG/ECT.

So, go while you can and register all the cleverly shortened and truncated URL’s.

My lottery ticket to you.


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Predicting the future: Corporations Add Shortening to the Mix
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