Don’t be pushy – Twitter is nothing but good

dont be pushy

dont be pushy

At its core, advertising is all about influencing people to buy goods or experiences that make them feel good about themselves. It’s a simple rule to follow, and whether it’s a new car, a new shop or new food item on aisle three, the main priority

of a good advertiser should be to make the customer feel awesome.

As a social media platform and relatively new addition to the world of advertising, Twitter has proven to be a great place to make people feel good about the brands they choose to follow. With minimal effort, Twitter gives brands a platform to inject real personality and humanity into their messaging, but while looking at the platform a good portion of my day (for work… most of the time), I find that many brands are tweeting the wrong way.

The problem is that Twitter is a social media platform – a place where people congregate to share the news, tell funny stories and learn about all the happenings in their friends’ lives. Instead of being a place to solely sell product, it’s a unique outpost for creating brand loyalists – for breaking down that fourth wall and showing people there’s a real personality behind the curtain. Sure, you don’t want to be a bozo, but everyone likes a fun-loving brand!

If you get the chance, take a look at the Twitter feed of Chobani Greek Yogurt (@chobani). A while ago, they tweeted something really smart, something that many brands can learn from.

“When the barista at your fav coffee place knows your order by heart #nothingbutgood.”

Without even mentioning a product, Chobani connected with its target demographic in a personal way while sneaking their “nothing but good” slogan in as a hashtag. It might not register, but next time a customer sees the slogan on a container, it just might get people thinking of happy times. Happy times with Chobani.

That, my friends, is nothing but good (now it’s stuck in my head).

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