Pursuing an Independent Lifestyle

Is it total freedom or just a dream to live without a permanent address?

Independent Lifestyle

We all work in order to have a comfortable lifestyle, hoping and praying that someday it will lead to independence. In doing so, we become a slave to the work and some times get to enjoy the lifestyle.

What if you could turn that around and enjoy the lifestyle while you work? There are more than just a few individuals out there actually living an independent lifestyle and working from the road. They are living their dreams. Many are willing to share how they do it.

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard departed for a life on the road in their Jeep Cherokee and specially made recreational trailer. They describe themselves as “gen-x technomads a.k.a. digital nomads, geeky gypsies and location independent professionals.” They have been on the road since 2006 respectively.

They say it is “far more affordable” than most people think, and some careers are more nomadic friendly. You can read their Tales from here.

The Digital Vagabond uses “technology to make the world one’s office and playground, any time or place.” Pat the Digital Vagabond, whose last name seems to be a mystery, blogs about his travels, and provides tips for others to pursue vagabonding. You can read Pat’s words of wisdom and entertaining posts at his website here.

Check out their links and others they follow. You will discover a whole new community of people living an independent lifestyle.

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