Hurricane on the Bayou (2006) Movie Review

Hurricane on the Bayou

Okay, this is not a fresh, “wait ’til you see this movie” movie review. Because this film has been released on July 29, 2006. It was one of those “We gotta go see that” movies that just kept surfacing. Well … we went to see it, and so should you.

Hurricane on the Bayou was a film that started production before Hurricane Katrina, focusing on the culture and mission of musicians to bring awareness to the disappearing wetlands that protect the mainland from damaging hurricanes. Circumstances, or fate some might call it, brought this film crew into full face with Hurricane Katrina–just the type of storm that highlights the disappearing wetlands. Enough has already been published about the devastation, and the images of magazines, newspapers and books are still haunting. But, you haven’t seen anything until you see the tragedy on an IMAX screen. It is nearly overwhelming.

Where the film does justice is keeping a focus on the necessity and function of wetlands and bayous. If anything, it takes a small shot at those who thought it best to build levees to hold back the Mississippi River years ago.

A wonderful production, the film will leave you feeling like you need to do something about our environmental concerns, and you might find yourself tapping your toes just a little to the music that is Louisiana Bayou Country.

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Hurricane on the Bayou
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